Euro 2020 Betting Tips

Welcome to's Euro 2020 Betting Tips page, for now our tips aren't available as we don't know the full line-up for the event until the Euro 2020 Play-offs conclude in March. However, we have some predictions written by our Football Betting Tips experts regarding how we think the Home Nations will perform at the big event and an overview of the qualifying process so far.

Early Predictions

Path A

Round Home Team Prediction Away Team
Semi Iceland 3-1 Romania
Semi Bulgaria 0-2 Hungary
Final Iceland 2-0 Hungary

Path B

Round Home Team Prediction Away Team
Semi Bosnia 2-0 Northern Ireland
Semi Slovakia 1-1p R.O.I
Final Bosnia 1-0 R.O.I

Path C

Round Home Team Prediction Away Team
Semi Scotland 2-1 Israel
Semi Norway 3-2 Serbia
Final Scotland 0-2 Norway

Path D

Round Home Team Prediction Away Team
Semi Georgia 1-1 (P) Belarus
Semi North Macedonia 1-3 Kosovo
Final Belarus 1-2 Kosovo

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Euro 2020 Tips

Euro 2020 - Qualifying Round-Up

Euro 2020 Qualifying Round-Up

In what has been a fairly successful qualifying process for the Home Nations, can any either Scotland, Ireland or Northern Ireland join England and Wales at Euro 2020 in the Summer? Find out in our Qualifying Round-Up

5 England U21's who may make Euro 2020

5 England U21's who may make Euro 2020

After a shock defeat to Czech Republic, Gareth Southgate might be looking at making a few changes to his squad. Check our preview to see exactly which five U21's might find their way into the England managers squad for Euro 2020.

How far can the home Nations go at Euro 2020

How far can the Home Nations go at Euro 2020

England look likely to confirm their Euro 2020 place but how do our writers think the rest of the Home Nations will fare?

Euro 2020 Groups

Group A

Team Fixture 1 Fixture 2 Fixture 3
Turkey Italy Wales Switzerland
Italy Turkey Switzerland Wales
Wales Switzerland Turkey Italy
Switzerland Wales Italy Turkey

Group B

Team Fixture 1 Fixture 2 Fixture 3
Denmark Finland Belgium Russia
Finland Denmark Russia Belgium
Belgium Russia Denmark Finland
Russia Belgium Finland Denmark

Group C

Team Fixture 1 Fixture 2 Fixture 3
Netherlands Ukraine Austria Netherlands
Ukraine Netherlands Play Off D Austria
Austria Play Off D Netherlands Ukraine
Play Off D Austria Ukraine Netherlands

Group D

Team Fixture 1 Fixture 2 Fixture 3
England Croatia Play Off C Czech Republic
Croatia England Czech Republic Play Off C
Play Off C Czech Republic England Croatia
Czech Republic Play Off C Croatia Czech Republic

Group E

Team Fixture 1 Fixture 2 Fixture 3
Spain Sweden Poland Play Off B
Sweden Spain Play Off B Poland
Poland Play Off B Spain Sweden
Play Off B Poland Sweden Spain

Group F

Team Fixture 1 Fixture 2 Fixture 3
Play Off A Portugal France Germany
Portugal Play Off A Germany France
France Germany Play Off A Portugal
Germany France Portugal Play Off A


Wembley Stadium - Capacity: 90,000

Based in London, England, Wembley Stadium is the largest of the hosting stadiums and will be host to three Group Stage fixtures, and four knockout games including both Semi-Finals and the Final.

Allianz Arena - Capacity: 75,000

Based in Munch, Germany, the Allianz Arena is the home stadium of Bayern Munich and will host three Group Stage fixtures but only one Quarter-Final fixture, England could only possibly play here if they finish third in their group and qualify via the 3rd place ranking system.

Stadio Olimpico - Capacity: 72,698

Based in Rome, Italy, the Stadio Olimpico usually hosts the home games of Lazio and Roma. The stadium was rebuilt especially for the 1990 World Cup as it hosted the final. The stadium will host three group games including Wales' last group fixture against Italy. England can only play at the Stadio Olimpico if they win Group D and defeat the Runner-Up of Group F in the Round of 16.

Olympic Stadium - Capacity: 68,700

Perhaps the most controversial location in the entire tournament, based in Baku, Azerbaijan, the Olympic Stadium is sat 2,916km away from the nearest stadium in Zenit, Russia or 2,945km away from Bucharest, Romania. Wales, Turkey and Switzerland will all have to make the 4,516km trip between Baku to Rome. Once again, England can only play at this venue if they finish 3rd in Group D.

Krestovsky Stadium - Capacity: 68,134

Alike to Baku, the Krestovsky Stadium was a controversial choice due to the distance between that and other stadiums. However, being just a three-hour flight to Copenhagen makes this stadium a good pick for Group B. England can play here if they finish as Runners Up and defeat the Runners Up of Group E in the Round of 16.

Puskas Arena - Capacity: 67,889

Based in Budapest, Hungary, the Puskas Arena will host the current European Champions Portugal and World Champions France twice during the group stage of Euro 2020. However, the final participant of their group is unknown but it could still be Hungary themselves. England can not play at this venue without entering the 3rd place rankings.

Arena Nationala - Capacity: 55,600

Based in Bucharest, Romania, the Arena Nationala will host Austria and Ukraine twice during the group stages. The final occupant of group C is so far unknown and will be confirmed at the Play-Offs in March. England can not play at this stadium.

Johan Cruyff Arena - Capacity: 54,990

Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the Johan Cruyff Arena (Formerly known as the Amsterdam Arena) is the home stadium of Ajax. The stadium hosted five games at Euro 2000 including Holland's devastating elimination on penalties against Runners-Up Italy.

San Mames - Capacity: 53,332

The introduction of this stadium may come as a surprise to some as Bilbao's Sam Mames was the chosen stadium for Spain. After being rebuilt in 2013, this is now the 8th largest stadium in Spain and will host either Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland if they make it through Play-Off B. England can only play at this stadium if they finish third in their group.

Hampden Park - Capacity: 52,063

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, If Scotland progress through Play Off Group C, they will play both Croatia and the Czech Republic here. Known for the infamous Hampden Roar. Don't be surprised if one of the smallest stadiums of the tournament has one of the best atmospheres, especially if Scotland make it through to the Quarter Finals via the third-place ranking system. England can only play at this stadium by finishing

Aviva Stadium - Capacity: 51,700

Based in Dublin, Ireland, the Aviva Stadium will see two matches between Sweden and Poland. Home to the Republic of Ireland, they will be hoping to make it through Play Off Group B. However, there is the possibility that Northern Ireland make it through and play at this very stadium. If England win group D, they will face the Runner Up of group F in Dublin.

Parken Stadium - Capacity: 38,065

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Parken Stadium is the smallest stadium at the tournament with a capacity over 13,000 less than Ireland's Aviva Stadium. However, if hosts Denmark have a good run at Euro 2020, we can expect a fantastic atmosphere. If England finish as Runners Up in group D, they will play the Runner Up of Group E here.

Previous Winners

Year Host Winner Runner-Up
1960 France Soviet Union Yugoslavia
1964 Spain Spain Soviet Union
1968 Italy Italy Yugoslavia
1972 Belgium West Germany Soviet Union
1976 Yugoslavia Czechoslovakia West Germany
1980 Italy West Germany Belgium
1984 France France Spain
1988 West Germany Netherlands Soviet Union
1992 Sweden Denmark Germany
1996 England Germany Czech Republic
2000 Belgium & Holland France Italy
2004 Portugal Greece Portugal
2008 Austria & Switzerland Spain Germany
2012 Poland & Ukraine Spain Italy
2016 France Portugal France