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We’ve enhanced our online Blackjack collection with this fantastic addition from IGT, which takes two of the most popular Blackjack side bets in the world, Perfect Pairs and 21+3, and combines them into one standout game.




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About Blackjack Perfect Pairs and 21+3

Blackjack has remained as one of the market leaders when it comes to online casino games, offering up one of the most popular and diverse ranges of card games available for players to enjoy - so it’s no surprise that we host such a wide variety of online Blackjack tables here at, but we’re always looking for something new and unique to present to our players.

Blackjack Perfect Pairs is part of a range of online casino games from leading developers IGT that are based on classic Blackjack gameplay that offers a new level of innovation and more modern features for online players to discover. Incorporating the often optional Blackjack side bets directly into the base gameplay, Blackjack Perfect Pairs and 21+3 presents a private online Blackjack experience that’s perfect for our players looking to put their side bet prowess to the test before taking on the live casino tables.

How To Play Blackjack Perfect Pairs and 21+3

Placing a Wager
Keeping your bankroll in mind, set your bet by clicking on one of the different valued chips to select it and place it in the respective betting box.

Doubles the value of the bets on every box up to the table maximum.

Removes chips from the bet boxes in the order in which they were placed.

Clear All
(not available on phone) – removes all bets on all boxes in one go.

Starts the game; 2 cards will be dealt on each box where a bet has been placed and 2 cards will be dealt to the dealer, with one card face down.

What Are The Blackjack Side Bets?

The Perfect Pairs side bet offers the player the opportunity to bet on whether their first two cards make a pair.

The 21+3 side bet offers the player the opportunity to bet on whether their first two cards and the dealer’s up-card make a three card poker hand. To place either of these bets, simply place a chip in the betting box which corresponds with the side bet you wish to make. Any winning side bets are paid out immediately after the deal and have no relevance to the main Blackjack game.

Blackjack Perfect Pairs and 21+3 Game buttons


Draws another card on the highlighted hand.


Finishes the hand; draws no further cards and moves on to the next hand or the dealer, depending on the state of play.


Offered once per hand and is available after the first 2 cards have been dealt to the player. Double is available on any 2 cards. This bet requires a further bet equal to the initiating bet; chips are placed on the original bet to signify the increase and one further card is drawn. This completes the hand; no further action is possible.


If the first 2 cards dealt are of the same value and type e.g. Queen, Queen or King, King etc. then a split option is available. Pressing split will cause the cards to separate, a further bet equal to the initiating bet is taken for the newly created hand, and now 2 hands are in play. Further drawing of cards to these hands is possible after this event, except in the case of split Aces where only one card is dealt per split hand. A split is offered once per hand with no re-splits. Split hands do not qualify for enhanced Blackjack payouts. Doubling is allowed after splits (except for split Aces).


When the dealer’s upturned card is an Ace, the player has the option to place an insurance bet on any hand, which is equal to half of the initial bet. A winning insurance bet, which occurs when the dealer has a Blackjack, will be paid at 2 to 1; the insurance bet will lose if the dealer does not have a Blackjack.

Blackjack Payouts

Once all the player’s hands are complete the dealer will reveal the face-down card and continue drawing cards until the value is 17 or greater. The dealer must stand on all 17s. The outcomes and payouts are as follows:


A push occurs if: The player and dealer have hands with the same value. A push does not occur in the instance where a Blackjack is against a non-Blackjack 21; Blackjack (a 2 card value) is always higher than achieving 21 with more than 2 cards. When a push occurs, the player’s bet on the hand is returned.

Player Wins

The player wins if: The dealer’s total is above 21 and the player’s hand has not exceeded 21. The dealer’s total is below 21 but lower than the player’s total, as long as the player’s total has not exceeded 21. When the player’s hand wins (excluding Blackjack), the player is paid 1 to 1 for the bet on that hand.

Player Loses

The player loses if: The player’s total is above 21. The dealer’s total is below 21 and higher than the player’s total. When the player’s hand loses, the player’s bet on the hand is lost.


The player has Blackjack and wins if: The player has a 2 card total of 21 and the dealer does not have Blackjack. When the player’s hand wins with a Blackjack, the player is paid 3 to 2 for the bet on that hand.


This side bet has a payout of 2 to 1 and is paid when the player has placed an insurance bet, which is equal to half of the initial bet, and the dealer has Blackjack. The insurance bet loses when the player has placed an insurance bet and the dealer does not have Blackjack.

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