Sunset Reels Slot is a three-reel, five-payline game with a simple concept. If you are new to online slot games, this is a great one to get started with. If you are a veteran, Sunset Reels Slot still has a lot to offer. Don't forget, you are after those lucky sevens and bars. They are your key to winning big!



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Max Bet


Sunset Reels slot is played on three reels and five paylines.

Sunset Reels Slot Game Play


Betting in Sunset Reels is based on the same wager for all paylines. All of the paylines are in play for every spin, so all you need do is select your wager by using the up and down arrow buttons. Set your wager, click the START button, and set the reels spinning. You'll enjoy the classic fruit symbols and the old sounds of music and bells – it will be just as if you're sitting in a casino in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

You can use the Auto Spin feature if you would prefer to let the game spin for you. Just select how many automatic spins you want and press the button. The game will spin until you reach the end of your predetermined number of spins or click the STOP button. Auto Spin will also stop if your cash balance runs too low.

If you prefer games with free spin bonuses and additional bonus games, Sunset Reels is probably not for you. This is a straight up slot machine the way slot gambling used to be. However, we suspect this will not be a problem.

Sunset Reels Slot Full House Win

As with any a slot machine, you are hoping to achieve three identical symbols across your reels. With three reels to play, you could potentially match all nine symbols. This is called a 'Full House' in Sunset Reels. What does the Full House get you? It gets you the 'mega full house' pay-out – an additional pay-out along with double winnings on each of the paylines.

Sunset Reels Slot Jackpot Win

The most important symbol in Sunset Reels is the number seven. We call these 'lucky sevens' because they win you the jackpot.


Pay-outs in Sunset Reels are as basic as can be. Each symbol has its own value when used to achieve winning combinations. Winning pay-outs are calculated by multiplying that value by the wager for each payline. Each winning combination adds to the total winnings displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Full House wins double the pay-out on each payline. Because there are no free spins or other bonus games, the wagers do not change unless the player specifically chooses to make changes between spins.

Step right up and play Sunset Reels. Enjoy all the sights and sounds of an old style slot machine with straight up winnings. There are no complicated rules to learn and no expansive game boards to navigate making Sunset Reels compatible for both slot novices and veterans alike.